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The Northern California Veterans Museum is an IRS Registered 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization. 100% of any donations we receive are used directly for the Museum and our Community and Veterans  Outreach programs.

All donations are tax deductible.

Our organization is grass roots and 100% Volunteer run.

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Tune in to Battlefield Expressions a Veterans Information, History & Service Program
Saturdays 9AM - 11 AM hosted by Senior Chief Rob Burroughs


Proposed Artist Rendering of the New Northern California Veterans Museum & Heritage Center


Directors Message

Established in 2005 as the Northern California Veterans Museum and Heritage Center. The NCVM & HC is a nonprofit, 501 © (3) (31-31001184) organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and to honor Veterans of all branches of the United States Military. Maintaining this history and tradition in ways that might not otherwise be available through appropriated funds.


The foundations mission will include the planning and development of the new Northern California Veterans Museum and (Heritage Center, to follow during the second stage of development). The Museum will forever document and depict the story of American history as seen through the eyes of its Veterans.


The Director and staff of the Foundation will implement the following mission, vision and goals for the continual development of the Northern California Veterans Museum and Heritage Center.

The Northern California Veterans Museum Foundation shall fulfill its purpose through aggressive fund raising beyond our affinity audience (the local Veterans and the North State Community), reaching out to other parties such as government, philanthropists, educational foundations and others who welcome to its attention in order to preserve and propagate the history, traditions and culture of the United States Military and to educate all Americans in its virtues.


The Foundations vision for the future includes the following items:


  • Planning, funding and completing the Northern California Veterans Museum (1st stage).

  • Planning, funding and completing the Heritage Center (2nd stage).

  • Creating and nurturing an endowment fund, which promotes continuing education focused on the culture, history and values of the United States military.

  • Promoting the Northern California Veterans Museums’ long term historical research plus educational activities through financial and intellectual pre-eminence among all military oriented foundations and associations.


The Northern California Veterans Museum Foundations goals shall also include the following:


  • Raising funds to complete the development and construction of the Northern California Veterans Museum and Heritage Center to include Congressional Medal of Honor and Purple Heart Memorial Park including a Memorial Chapel.

  • Increase the endowment that supports all of the foundations programs through systematic annual augmentation and emphasis on seeking educational grants.


Homeward Bound Military Family Support Services

Homeward Bound Military Family Support Services (HB) provides emergency financial, educational, nutritional, and other assistances to family members of Military Personnel, and to returning Injured Warriors.


 Honor, Patriotism and Service to Country: We believe that those who wear our   Country’s uniform and those who serve our nation faithfully, who support our American Values and sacrifice for our fellow Americans deserve the honor and respect of a grateful nation and the support of their Home Front communities.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. Honesty and Integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone we strive for while providing our services. We are careful stewards of the resources provided by our donors and we strive to be good citizens and take responsibility for our actions.

HB is an organization whose mission is to show appreciation and express gratitude to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their family members.


HB is an outreach program that falls under the 501(C) 3 and IRS tax exemption of the Northern California Veterans Museum & Heritage Center.

HB accomplishes its mission by offering programs and services for POST 9-11 Veterans, Military Personnel and their Families.


HB believes that just saying “Thank you” is not enough and the words “Thank you” need to be followed with action and commitment to meet the varied needs of the community it serves.


HB realizes that no one resource can meet all needs and works cooperatively with Federal, State, County and City Veteran Services as well as other non-profit organizations to help to meet the needs of those who have given so much for our Freedom and their support element, the “Military Family”.

HB provides direct services to alleviate a Military Family’s and a Military Individual’s emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support and advocacy. Emergency financial help is in the form of checks/vouchers paid directly to mortgage lenders, utility companies, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, and medical providers.


Key challenges for our organization include:

Monetary & In-Kind donations for services provided I.E. home furnishings, used vehicles, disabled veterans services such as home and auto repairs, food bank services, & office building expansion.

Battlefield Expressions PTSD Art Therapy 

Battlefield Expressions PTSD Art Therapy is a Brand New program developed by the Northern California Veterans Museum & Heritage Center and Homeward Bound Military Family Support Services. 

The Mission of Battlefield Expressions PTSD Art Therapy is designed to reach out to qualified Veterans and their families in Northern California who are sheltering in place due to Military related illnesses and or those who are sheltering in place due to Covid-19.

The program reaches out to Military men and women, their spouses and their children. Gold Star Families and Military Widows are invited to participate in this program as well.


This program is designed to help them share their emotions and experiences due to trauma and exposure from extreme Military life by allowing these individuals to express themselves artistically through various art mediums.

We know that Art Therapy brings a healing process to a troubled individual that may not be able to express their pain and suffering, feelings and emotions or other life experiences verbally. The program is also designed to reach out to a Veteran or family member in a comfortable setting where they can express themselves at their own pace and at their own comfort level without the fear of ridicule or social stress.

Art classes will also be available at the Museum facility where hands-on instruction will be taught by skilled art instructors.

All art supplies will be provided to qualified Veterans and families free of charge through a generous grant provided by the California Arts Council. The grant provides services and supplies for up to 200 qualified Veterans and or Family Members. Supplies will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

To qualify for the program, the Veteran must present a DD-214 form with an Honorable Discharge and a valid ID. Spouses and Children of qualified Veterans must have a state birth certificate showing family status in relationship to the Veteran (I.E. Marriage certificate or license or Birth certificate).

Registration will be opening February 2021, classes will be starting March 2021 (dates to be announced). 

All participants must agree to donate artworks back to the Northern California Veterans Museum & Heritage Center for a contribution in the PTSD Artworks Gallery to be displayed publicly in the Museum.

A gala event will be held at the ending culmination of the Arts project. (Date to be announced.)


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Silver Star Veterans & Widows

The Silver Star Veterans & Widows Program (SSV&W) is a brand new community service program in its infancy, implemented under the Heritage Center portion of the Northern California Veteran’s Museum (NCVM).


NCVM is registered as a California One Charitable Organization (CT-0192865) this allows the Museum, as the umbrella non-profit 501 (C) 3, 31-31001184 and IRS Tax Exempt EIN: 26-1967956, to award charitable grants to deserving Senior Veterans & Veteran’s Widows in our Northern California Area.


Blue Star Mothers are those ladies whose family members are currently serving active and reserve duty in our Military Forces.


Gold Star Mothers are those ladies who have lost a son or daughter in Military Combat Duty.


Silver Star Veterans & Widows (SSV&W) is designed to help Surviving Senior Veteran’s Spouses & our Senior Veterans who are in their golden years and in need of special services. The Silver Star is to honor our grey haired citizens.


This program has been implemented due to the exposure of so many seniors who cross the threshold of the Museum’s doorstep. These seniors continue to donate their items to the Museum from their elderly Veterans. This need has become obvious to the staff of the Museum to a point at which the Silver Star Veterans & Widows Program has become established. As our Senior Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam continue to pass at an alarming rate, we as a community must continue to step up and honor these surviving Widows for their commitment to our Country also.


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